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Website Application Development Services Company Canada

Reach new Heights with Custom Software Solutions

We provide Top Class Web-App Development Service. With rich and unique content, our services are proved to be SEO Friendly and capture every user’s attention easily. We have provided effective, intuitive Web Application solutions to organizations of all sizes from a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Human Resource Management
  • Educational Institutions
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Internet Start-ups

We work according to you your business needs. Your business needs are our priority, and work hard to tailor our development to address your unique challenges.

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Experience in numbers

Years team experience
Projects Completed
Countries w/ clients

Technologies Leveraged

With a team of over 70 knowledgeable and highly experienced developers, we are able to leverage many different technologies to create innovative, cost effective solutions. We are especially adept at developing Web Applications using the following leading-edge solutions.


Techversant provides unparalleled ColdFusion development solutions, and is an industry leader with regards to total Upwork. With over 60,000 billed hours, we are among the most prominent ColdFusion Developers in the world.

We are enthusiastic about ColdFusion, and having earned our reputation as one of the top ColdFusion development companies with knowledgeable programmers who are capable of providing robust ColdFusion development services. We consider ColdFusion to be one of the most versatile development languages available – capable of providing almost any functionality imaginable.


Python Django

Python Django is a powerful tool for developing intuitive software applications quickly.

Our Python Django development experts can build powerful and robust software products and applications for businesses of all sizes. We feel that python Django development is the most efficient way to build website applications that make an impact.



Moodle is one of the top Learning Management Systems in the world. It’s open source framework and modular extentibility make it unparalleled for developing eLearning platforms.

Our experienced Moodle developers standout from the crowd and provide excellent support at reasonable price.



AngularJS is an excellent solution for developing real-time applications that provide flexibility and highly interactive, dynamic functionality.

Our AngularJS developers are adept at creating scale-able applications that solve difficult business challenges. Access to latest tools and technologies combined with industry experience in AngularJS allows us to develop cost effective mobile applications.



Techversant is an industry leader node.js development, a versatile mobile software and web application technology, with world-class node.js developers capable of creating innovative and robust solutions. Techversant developers adhere to the highest node.js coding standards and dedicate themselves to developing solutions that provide outstanding positive experiences for our clients around the world.



Odoo is one of the most innovative enterprise management solutions in the industry, empowering businesses to keep up with increasing demand for technological innovation with cost-effective solutions and reduced development time.

With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Techversant provides end-to-end support in Odoo development services.


Ruby on Rails

Techversant is very prolific in the Ruby on Rails software development market, and has developed web applications utilizing agile methodologies. Our Ruby on Rails developers are highly skilled in the fields of web services, android and iOS Application Programming Interfaces, mobile solutions, payment gateway integrations, and more. In addition to Ruby on Rails development, we can help provide Ruby on Rails consulting to esure all your bases are covered.


Put our experience to work for you.

Our team has the tools, the expertise, and the experience to help solve your technology challenges.

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We have just the solution for you.

Web Application Development Services

We have a very skilled team which implements many services.

We are a global technology development firm with a proven track record of providing innovative solutions and excellent customer service. We provide web development services to businesses to meet their different user demands. The following are the services that we offer.

Our services range from web development where we build robust and functional websites to meet your needs. Responsive website design to enhance usability and provide a good user experience. We also help you to make your site discoverable using our SEO tools and build a strong social media brand for you to advertise your website.

We welcome you to work with us to build a robust and attractive site to help push your business to another level.

Web application development

Fully functional, robust and highly customized web applications

We produce a wide range of web application ranging from simple blogs, company portfolios, e-learning sites to commerce sites and complex and large websites, e.g., data mining web apps.

A website is developed within the specified time limit and on the stated and agreed budget. We produce:

  • Application development that incorporates all your requirements and needs.
  • Robust and simple architecture for enhanced usability and fewer maintenance costs.
  • Secure web application for your data protection and online transactions.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Web application that are scalable and budget friendly.
  • Incremental web application development.

Website & Web Application design

Impeccable, intuitive design is at the heart of everything we do.

The primary goal of the website to reach a broader pool of users and keep them glued to your website and revisit the site on a daily basis. We ensure this in our web application development.

To achieve this, the website should be attractive and provide an intuitive user interface that will catch the eye of the user. In most occasions, users will judge the web application site using its interface rather than its functionality.

This can be made very easy in web application development by just choosing us to design websites for you. Don’t spend too many resources as we got you all covered with our best and sleek designs no other company can match.

We create:

  • Mobile friendly designs: View your website on any mobile device while maintaining the structure and positioning of your site elements.
  • Simple user interface: To enhance usability and user experience which is very crucial and vital aspects to users.
  • Attractive and straightforward layout: The placement of navigation links, content and support tools is well placed and easily accessible to users.
  • Colors: Different colors to show different states on the website

Let us help you deploy your business online.

We develop modern e-commerce sites to link your business to a wide range of customers online

The website is designed by taking into consideration: security to protect the transactions between clients, secure user’s privacy through authentication and encryption services.

The site can defend against the different cyber security threats and provide an excellent experience and stable platform to manage your business online.

Work with us to implement:

  • Secure transactions
  • Simple shopping carts
  • Manage and track shipping operations
  • Maintain and keep your customers records including addresses
  • Integrate different payments options
  • Beautiful arrangements of your products and services

Wondering of how to rank your site higher in search engines?

Worry no more because you have just taken the first step.

We develop websites incorporating all search engine optimization tools and tips to help your site rank higher in search engines.

Users, therefore, will likely visit your site in search engines because it will show up on the first page after submitting their search queries. We use modern search engine optimization tools throughout the application development process from design to final implementation of the web application.

Some of the tips we adopt include:

  • Publishing content relevant to customers business
  • Metadata to show information about the content of the website.
  • Make sure you can update your site more regularly.
  • Use the specific keyword in images.

With these tools, we make sure your website will be discoverable to your target audience without the need for extra effort.

Innovative Website marketing solutions

Reach out to a mass of customers using our web marketing solutions.

Using our digital marketing solutions, we can help you beat your competitors to more customers, increase customer engagement and grow your business and brand worldwide.

Email campaigns, social media advertising can help improve your website coverage. We provide:

Web optimization: we create amazing websites that can be quickly discovered by users. We incorporate search engine optimization tools including keywords research to help your customers to find and navigate through your site immediately.

Search engine marketing: we list of keywords which are relevant to your website and business. When users search using these keywords, your advertisements will show up linking to your site. This makes your site discoverable to your target users easily.

Social media management and advertising: we create a strong social media brand for your website and business and use this to push your business to a million online users.

Ongoing support and maintenance

We help you run your website while you run your business.

We ensure the content of your site is up to date and fresh and change different elements like text and images to meet your changing services as per the user’s needs.

Maintenance aims to keep your website usable and provide a good user experience to your clients. This will include:

  • Periodic backups
  • Website updates with current information
  • Online marketing
  • Content management
  • Corrective services, e.g., fixing pure HTML and CSS problems

Websites have become a part of businesses. Most companies today use sites to help expand their global influence and reach out to more customers and clients. We provide web development solutions to all company’s needs to help achieve this.