Pricing Models

Our organization works through partnerships with leading organizations to help bring the best of each world together. There are three key areas for software applications. Your hosting, the servers where the code and database are stored. Your development including specification documentation and coding. Quality control, including application testing, quality assurance, and code review.

  • Monthly Hosting Services $499
  • We can use your current hosting provider or help you get setup with the provider of choice in your area. Monthly hosting typically start at $499 per month for a cloud based server hosting in Canada and leading providers can help provide rolling system backups, encryption security protection and disaster recovery options.
  • Software Development $65/hour
  • With access to more than 70 senior software engineers with an array of different experience can help ***ing your project to life. Our software engineers have many years of experience with MySQL database code, ColdFusion, PHP, Python, NodeJS, AngularJS and UI/UX.
  • Qualty Assurance $35/hour
  • This is a combination of quality assurance to check the code of each developer ensuring that it doesn't conflict with other parts of the system, plus software application testing as well as quality control over spelling and grammatical entries in the system.