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Mobile Application Development Web Services in Canada

Your client’s are on the go. Are you?

The world is full of Apps! The need for Application development on various platforms has increased exponentially over the years, be it either in Web Apps, or Mobile Apps or on the Social front. We specialize in Custom Mobile Applications Development to suit your business needs. Using the next-gen technologies like PHP, XML, Java and other web services, we have developed and managed apps for organizations of all sizes from a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Medical Professionals
  • Human Resource Management
  • Educational Institutions
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Internet Start-ups

Having the best in industry developers in Android, iOS and Windows Operating System, we provide expert solutions for Mobile Application Development. Our Software Engineers are highly skilled and experienced and can help you develop Cross-Platform Frameworks to help met the increasingly mobile, on-the-go nature of today’s markets.

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Technologies Leveraged

With a team of over 70 knowledgeable and highly experienced developers, we are able to leverage many different technologies to create innovative, cost effective solutions. We are especially adept at developing Mobile Applications using the following leading-edge solutions.


Techversant provides unparalleled ColdFusion development solutions, and is an industry leader with regards to total Upwork. With over 60,000 billed hours, we are among the most prominent ColdFusion Developers in the world.

We are enthusiastic about ColdFusion, and having earned our reputation as one of the top ColdFusion development companies with knowledgeable programmers who are capable of providing robust ColdFusion development services. We consider ColdFusion to be one of the most versatile development languages available – capable of providing almost any functionality imaginable.


Python Django

Python Django is a powerful tool for developing intuitive software applications quickly.

Our Python Django development experts can build powerful and robust software products and applications for businesses of all sizes. We feel that python Django development is the most efficient way to build website applications that make an impact.



Moodle is one of the top Learning Management Systems in the world. It’s open source framework and modular extentibility make it unparalleled for developing eLearning platforms.

Our experienced Moodle developers standout from the crowd and provide excellent support at reasonable price.



AngularJS is an excellent solution for developing real-time applications that provide flexibility and highly interactive, dynamic functionality.

Our AngularJS developers are adept at creating scale-able applications that solve difficult business challenges. Access to latest tools and technologies combined with industry experience in AngularJS allows us to develop cost effective mobile applications.



<p class=”regular-text”>Techversant is an industry leader node.js development, a versatile mobile software and web application technology, with world-class node.js developers capable of creating innovative and robust solutions. Techversant developers adhere to the highest node.js coding standards and dedicate themselves to developing solutions that provide outstanding positive experiences for our clients around the world.</p>



Odoo is one of the most innovative enterprise management solutions in the industry, empowering businesses to keep up with increasing demand for technological innovation with cost-effective solutions and reduced development time.

With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, Techversant provides end-to-end support in Odoo development services.


Ruby on Rails

Techversant is very prolific in the Ruby on Rails software development market, and has developed web applications utilizing agile methodologies. Our Ruby on Rails developers are highly skilled in the fields of web services, android and iOS Application Programming Interfaces, mobile solutions, payment gateway integrations, and more. In addition to Ruby on Rails development, we can help provide Ruby on Rails consulting to esure all your bases are covered.


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Mobile Application Development

Some important considerations for mobile application development.

Every day people around the world are using different mobile apps. Some of them are games, social networks whereas others are e-commerce platforms. Since all of these apps are built professionally, they go through the mobile app development process. They follow design, strategy, and application progress process necessary to bring excellence in use.

The distinguishing factor in these apps is the methodologies used in developing them. They keep changing but what remains fair is the standard process of mobile app development. The process goes through several stages of development namely:

  • Idea
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Post-launch stages

Any innovation is based on an idea

If you can identify a gap or market inadequacy, your idea is almost complete.

Every mobile application you see around started off as an idea. If you do not have an app idea, you can train yourself to think in the perspective of problems and solutions. In other words, you have to think and identify a gap that you can fill with a so solution. In this case, you are developing an idea that you can develop into an app. Question yourself as to how we do things. Think of better ways to help in solving the problem or improving the situation.

Try to figure out why this problem exists and the reason why no one has bothered to come up with an app that can solve the problem. Consult other people concerning the problem at hand and delve deeper into the problem. You will get a full grasp of the problem, and now you can think of how an application progress can help solve the problem. As such, you have to understand the importance of having mobile applications because they are valuable. It requires one to invest money and time into its development as you put your idea in a validity and viability test.

An idea in nothing without a strategy

Having an idea for mobile application development means you have to have a strategy for its success

Having an idea for mobile application development means you have to have a strategy for its success. Identify your competition and see if there are other apps that have a similar purpose. When doing this look for:

  • Number of installs to ascertain if there are people using the app
  • Rating and reviews to identify how people rate the app and what they dislike about them
  • History of the company to ascertain how the apps have changed over time and the challenges they have to overcome

The idea is to learn what you can freely because you will face challenges before you can make it right. Understand the level of competition in the market. Finds out if people are yearning for a new app or if there is a gap that needs to be filled with the existing options. If you understand the gap, you should tailor your app to meet the demand. For new ideas, you can find out about other ‘first to market’ apps to see how they engaged consumers during the introduction of their new product.

Features & Benefits

You have to define and understand your app’s potential and what it needs it to be successful.

While designing your mobile app, it is important to understand the challenges your market faces, the features your app will include to meet these challenges, and the benefit these features will provide your users. You can outline the things that you want the app to do and rank them by priority. Ascertain the core functionality of your app, how to gain users and any future addition.

Stand out in the crowd

If your app is to be successful, it must stand out in the crowd

Growing number of users gives way for powerful technology solutions that need unique differentiators. If you can make your idea come to life, then you will stay ahead of the competition especially if it involves mobile-based applications. As such, many mobile application development companies are finding new ways to remain ahead. People are using technology and in this case, smartphones to go through different applications on the internet. Besides social networks, the intention of these apps is business oriented meaning that most services have been moved to online platforms. As such, developing mobile apps to meet the rising demand is important.

Apps that provide tailor-made solutions to customers are what mobile app development companies are aiming. Customizing these apps attracts the users because they can add or remove some features once they agree.

The services offered by this company are different and from one client to the next. This makes it a little bit hard for one to choose the best mobile application development company. However, the idea is to know your requirement and the company can help you with the best solution available.

Mobile apps have become a platform for businesses to move to the next level of reaching their customers. Seeking the services of a mobile app developer, you have to pay attention to the way he is going to help with a certain percentage of your project like analysis, custom UX/UI design, code development, project management quality assurance, or even coming up with a solution in app development that meets the existing needs. The development of these apps should be able to work across any platform.

The process of developing these apps can look daunting. Many steps abound as well as decision-making process. However, the kit is a rewarding process and can make money for different companies that engage in the development of these applications.
Continue improving your app, the rate of conversion, install base as well as revenue. Since mobile apps are fluid, you can maximize on that and continue to grow and improve.

Marketing your mobile application

First what, then how.

You have to identify the biggest challenges you are bound to face during the marketing process. The biggest challenge can be driving the adoption of your mobile application. Many apps on the app stores go unused, and as such, you have to come up with a concrete marketing strategy.

Profit enables purpose

Profit is the lifeblood that allows your app to continue to perform its purpose.

Every time you develop apps, the idea is to make money, not unless you are doing it for fun. App-in purchases, premium features, ad-revenue, subscription payments, selling user data, and traditional paid apps are some of the ways you to money with your app. You have to see what the market expects to pay and how they pay for such services.