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Why build your own application?

Software applications are creating the future

Many of the most successful companies in the world are in the software business. What costs millions to create years ago can be done for hundreds of thousands now, but the beauty in software is the ability to start small. It’s recommended to work with a handful of clients willing to financially support the idea and create a basic version of the application that can support their needs.

As the client base grows, additional features can be added with the support of new clients. Each new feature is an investment in the future of the application. As the client base grows, the application grows.

Our team can help bring the following resources to the table:

  • ­ Knowledge of reliable cloud hosting providers.
  • ­ ­Setup of servers under your control on Canadian soil.
  • ­ ­Software design documentation
  • ­ Best practices in software coding
  • ­ Testing and quality assurance

Building a software application is a large undertaking, but working with an experienced team that has helped create numerous applications can be a benefit.

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Highly recommended

In addition to having 2 full time Techversant team members - we occasionally reach out for one off one week long projects and he is able to accommodate us with programmers for short term jobs. It is awesome having that flexibility.

A valued partnership

We have been using Techversant for more than five years now. We feel that a partnership with Techversant was one of the best business decisions we have ever made in our company history.

Partners in success

Selection of right business partners is not just about price, quotation but also about the relationship that develop over time with the right company who are as much interested in our success over a long term. Techversant turned out to be such a company.